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3D PACT is an award winning software suite that provides users with a host of tools and features such as a User-Friendly Procedure and Scenario Builder with Configurable Tutorial & Test Execution Modes, a Particle Effect Builder, 3D Object Builder, Crane Builder, Character System, Dynamic Physics, Animations etc. which all seamlessly combine to present the trainee with a realistic, lifelike scenario to execute. The following are 3D PACT’s primary application areas:


  • Tracing and ‘walking’ systems to identify it on a plant and view interconnections and dependencies between processes first hand.
  • This function is enhanced with various options to highlight and identify specific plant systems and equipment, down to component level (i.e. nuts and bolts)


  • Performing operating sequences on the plant (as individual or crew)
    • Commissioning
    • Startups, Shutdowns, Abnormal/Infrequent Operations
    • Emergency Operations
  • Field operations
  • Integrated 3D PACT or 3rd Party Simulation of Plant (Optional)
  • Control Room Operations (if plant simulation is available, all control room operations can be included in training programs, enabling effective, multi-disciplinary crew training.

Equipment Operations Training

Viewing and navigating the internals of equipment and going to areas and spaces which are impossible to access on the actual facility when in service, such as internals of boilers, turbines, generators etc.


Ensure Staff can Execute Lock-Out/Tag-Out Procedures and Render Equipment Safe to Work on.

  • Equipment isolation procedures can be efficiently trained, reviewed and evaluated before executing such isolations and work on the actual plant.
  • Also, the process to register a defect/deficiency, implement modifications, filling out check sheets/reports and updating drawings can be incorporated.

Through a remote database connection employees can further monitor real-time plant status and operational data and get visual feedback of equipment status while on the road and away from the facility.

Maintenance Training and Planning

Train and Evaluate Staff on a Range of Maintenance Tasks and Activities

  • Planning complex and time critical maintenance tasks to perform them as safely and quickly as possible to limit production loss to a minimum.
  • Detailed instructions, visualization and evaluation of disassembling/ assembling equipment, including tools and PPE to be used.
  • Includes crane/hoist movement and space management.
  • Ensure Staff is Aware of Correct Protective Gear and Safety Procedures. Trainees need to equip and are evaluated on using the correct Personal Protective equipment and Safety Gear for Operational and Maintenance tasks
  • Markers/Props can be placed in the scene at points where tasks need to be performed and specific actions associated to each marker/prop.
  • During an evaluation as prerequisite to actions being performed, trainee needs to wear correct PPE and use correct tools.

Inspection Training and Planning

Equipment isolation, lock-out/tag-out and clearance procedures (e.g. to obtain a permit to work and to ensure equipment is safe to enter) can be efficiently trained, reviewed and evaluated before executing such isolations and work on the actual plant.

Emergency Response and Safety Training/Planning

Train and Evaluate Staff on Effective Handling of Emergency Situations.

  • Create awareness for potential threats or unsafe situations, including workers performing dangerous actions or performing work in an unsafe manner.
  • Evaluate whether emergency response personnel knows which equipment to use and which procedures and routes to follow during emergencies.

Schedule Tracking and Simulation

A Project Plan can be imported and equipment linked to tasks in the project plan

  • Incorporate schedule as part of training to ensure critical path awareness.
  • Indicate the status of the project at any given date/time.
  • Simulate the project progress over time.
  • Compare updated project plans with base plan and visually see changes.

Scenario Builder

Allows instructors to easily incorporate and apply all 3D PACT features on top of 3D CAD models or Point Cloud Data, as well as integrated engineering information, to compile training programs for comprehensive Instructor-led or Instructorless staff training and evaluation.

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