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SimGenics, LLC, is an advanced plant simulator development company that specializes in engineering, training and DCS check-out simulators.

While we have developed over 75 full and partial scope simulators, we go the extra step and develop the manuals, instructional services, and provide instructors to provide the highest quality, most comprehensive training available to power plant personnel today.

As the industry deregulates, many plants are running deeply reduced staffing levels. This, combined with maturing plants and employee turnover due to retirements/cutbacks, has created a serious void in the training/experience ratio within most plants. SimGenics, LLC, provides advanced training technology to quickly and cost effectively equip any level of plant operator with skills and experience essential to safely and efficiently operate modern plants. SimGenics has a very satisfied client base!


SimGenics vision is to become the most trusted and respected worldwide provider of engineering and training simulators in the power, process, mining and marine industries.


We are achieving our vision by creating and building training software product brands that facilitate technical education in new and revolutionary ways by using the latest hardware and software technologies in non-obvious ways.

We will continuously strive for each of our brands to become the best known and most respected in its area of application through having superior production values, educational value, accuracy and speed, and by being more innovative and cost effective than competing products.

Our products will equip operational, maintenance and engineering staff at industrial facilities with unrivalled knowledge and skills to measurably increase efficiency and profitability in an environmentally responsible way.


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