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Main Control System (DCS) Library containing all the control fundamentals like links ports and also generic control system building blocks. It can be used to build and test a full-scope DCS system for any plant, or replicate 3rd party control system logics.

The DCS library can be extended by adding additional libraries deriving from the DCS, if a specific component related to specific DCS system is used. Available add-on libraries already created by SimGenics is summarised in the next section. Typical Logic network in SimuPact using the DCS library and an extension lib.

For debugging purposes the DCS has a diagnostic mode that can be activated that will change the colour of digital inks based on their status. Logic page with diagnostic mode active.


This is a ladder logic task is based on the GE Machine edition ladder logic system. The ladder logic library features the same engineering functions as the DCS library but the main difference is the execution order that is based on rows and not only by number.

Typical blocks found in the ladder logic library:
  • Coils – NO, NC, Set coil, reset coil, etc.
  • Contacts – NC, NO, Continuation coil, etc.
  • Math – Add, Divide, Subtract, Absolute value, etc.
  • Relational – EQ, GT, GE, LT, LE, etc.
  • Timers – TON, Off delay, Pulse timer, etc.
  • Bit operations.

Typical ladder logic pages with diagnostic mode active. It also includes an Importer/Translator for GE Machine edition logic.
Training Simulation


Multi-Phase Flow with Incondensable Gases and Trace Elements solver. The flow solver contains all components used to build a high fidelity flow model, for example pumps, fans, pipes and valves.

Training Simulation


This is used for HMI, local control panel and Soft panel emulation in SimuPact. It contains all fundamental graphic objects like rectangles, polygons, buttons and gages. All objects has animation capabilities based on simulator property values. Styles are used to define the appearance of the object, for example to assign an image as the background or to specify the border width and color.

Training Simulation


This library contains the solver and components to simulate an electrical network. It contains all the components needed to simulates the complete electrical reticulation for a power plant, including Motors, Transformers, Breakers, Busbars, Generators and Exciters, etc.

Training Simulation


This library contains all components needed to simulate Mechanical object such as Motor or Turbine Shafts, including Bearings, Vibrations etc.

Training Simulation


This library contains components used to simulate a furnace or combustion model, including advanced burner and flame simulation, as required to simulate coal, oil and gas boilers of Drum, Benson, Supercritical, Ultra-Supercritical and CFB type, as well as Combustion Turbines.

Training Simulation


This library contains mill object for milling of coal for example a ball and a vertical spindle mill.

Training Simulation


OPC Server and Client for Integration to 3rd party control emulators and HMI Systems.

Training Simulation


This library contains all interface objects for operating simulated equipment from a control system. It contains a number of different valve actuator components and also a number of different motor drives.

Training Simulation


This library contains all instruments used as interface between the process model and the control system. It has a number of different Meters and Switches for measuring flow, temperature, pressure etc.

Training Simulation


This library contains components used to handle materials for example Conveyor Belts, Feeders, Splitters, Bins and Gate Valves.

Training Simulation


This is a Nuclear power plant library that contains a model for the 3D neutron diffusion model of a PWR (Pressurised water reactor).

Training Simulation


Integrated C# Scripting Engine.


Enables a user to create a library or solver in C++ or C# and integrate with other libraries and solvers in SimuPACT. There is no difference between a library/solver developed using this feature and a library/solver developed by SimGenics.


Allows the user to use one or more of SimGenics’ full-scope DCS and HMI Emulators, or one or more DCS/HMI Emulators supplied by I&C Vendors such as GE, Siemens, ABB, Yokogawa, Emerson, Honeywell etc. and integrate it with a project to deliver a full-scope, high fidelity engineering or training simulator.

Starter Control Professional Plant
Flow Solver X X
Logic and Control X X X X
Scripting X X X X
Electrical Networks X X
Mill/Pulverizer X X
Transmitter X X X
Materials Handling X X
Mechanical X X
Actuator X X X
Furnace X X
OPC Server/Client X X X X
Ladder Logic X X X X
Visualization X X X X
Custom Library Development X X X
Full Scope Plant DCS Emulation X

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