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Computer gaming has taken the world by storm. The underlying technology has evolved immeasurably since the early days of games, such as Space Invaders, Pacman and Tetris. Today, players can immerse themselves in a photorealistic scenario with a real-world feel. Given the powerful attraction of this medium, it was inevitable that it should be adapted for teaching purposes. Many companies now leverage gaming technology with the aid of the 3D PACT software suite. The product enables them to create immersive, interactive simulations that allow their employees to train in a uniquely absorbing and compelling way. 

A more Effective Learning Experience

Research has shown that trainees who learn through simulations demonstrate higher retention and greater depth of knowledge than they can achieve when limited to traditional classroom instruction. While the latter is adequate for teaching theory, using these realistic audiovisual scenarios is the most effective way to transfer practical skills. In an environment such as a power plant, hands-on training is impractical and could even be dangerous. Simulations created with 3D PACT enable a trainee to step through tasks such as commissioning, isolations and maintenance and can be used safely and effectively anywhere and at any time.

Practice makes Perfect

There can be no denying that practice makes perfect. The more times we complete a given task, the more proficient we will become. Although it may be a highly effective approach, this repetitive learning experience is seldom possible in a busy, real-world working environment. By contrast, a trainee can repeat simulated processes such as those developed for nuclear power plant operators with 3D PACT as often as necessary without obstructing or endangering the plant or fellow personnel.

While adequate training in the routine tasks involved in a plant’s operation is essential, it is even more crucial to ensure that operatives are trained to deal with emergencies. In a well-run plant, emergencies are rare, but there’s no time to take on the role of an instructor when they do occur. Running regular simulations of various emergency scenarios offers a plant supervisor the means to identify those team members who can handle such events and those who will require more training. A few hours spent with a 3D PACT simulation could avert a disaster.

A Versatile and Feature-Rich Product

The product can utilise three-dimensional models or laser scans to create realistic scenes that faithfully reproduce all aspects of the live environment the user may choose to include. A trainee is free to select an avatar from the software’s character system, equip it with the appropriate personal protective equipment and watch it perform various tasks. The product’s dynamic physics ensures that all the simulated equipment will respond to each intervention by the learner in a realistic and lifelike manner that has enabled the award-winning  3D PACT software to outperform rival products.

Users are free to add whatever three-dimensional objects they may consider necessary to maximise the visual impact of a given training simulation. If required, they can also introduce realistic sound effects to create a more immersive experience for the trainees. The option to display the impact of a simulated accident can provide a powerful means to enhance the trainee’s memory of what caused it and the actions that could have prevented it. If required, the product allows one to recreate an entire power plant in detail combined with the freedom to isolate any component systems for closer inspection, confirming 3D PACT as a product leader in this specialised field. 

While this software suite is widely used by the electricity generating sector and is suitable for training operatives in oil, gas or coal-fired, hydroelectric and nuclear plants, it also has applications in other fields. The product has gained popularity with desalination, petrochemical plants, and the mining industry, which also recognise the power of gaming-based simulators to train their operatives. The means to develop fully immersive, lifelike simulations with the award-winning 3D PACT software suite offers them a cost-effective and powerful training alternative to the less inspiring option of on-site and classroom instruction.

Getting Started

A version of this software suite is now available for Microsoft Windows to anyone who may wish to develop their simulations in-house. However, many users find it preferable to leave the development to those with more experience. SimGenics has the knowledge and expertise to provide this service. Our experts can prepare laser scans or models and utilise 3D PACT to create world-class interactive simulations to meet your training needs.

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