There are many ways to train operators. There are also many different ways for them to learn and retain the information you dispense to them in training. The key is to strike a balance between the learning outcomes mandated by the company and the learning needs of the employee. It might be affordable and easy to give prospective operators a manual and require them to study and know it by heart, but the results may end up being less than desirable and knowledge retention is likely to be minimal. If you want your employees to produce optimal results, you have to support them in gaining the knowledge and expertise required to attain those results. One of the ways to produce stellar results and, thus, more consistent workplace output is to make use of an operator training simulator like SimuPACT. This article covers both the features of SimuPACT and the main benefits that can be enjoyed by you and trainees.

Features Included in the Software

operator training simulator

SimuPACT is an advanced tool designed to assist in conducting operator training using a robust simulator and extensive data libraries. It can be integrated with other software, like 3D Pact, for a complete overhaul of the instructional experience at your company. There are three main components to this software:

  • Modelling Tools. Part of the appeal of using simulators is that they can represent real-world environments or locations in a safe, moderated virtual environment. Our powerful modelling tools allow you to take control of that environment to customise it according to the learning outcomes mandated by your company. You do not have to be a programming genius to use these tools as they were designed to be intuitive and accessible for people of various skill levels.
  • DCS Simulation. This allows trainees to gain experience with an emulated Digital Control System (DCS) in a controlled environment before they operate the real thing. They can explore the functionality of the real system without any risk or danger to themselves or company property. This is done through automatic translation (using the plant’s own DCS/HMI files), manual replication (manual drawing of DCS/HMI screens), and the virtual system (using DCS/HMI files from the vendor and integrating the other methods).
  • Virtual Instructor. Instructors can create their own instructional modules and establish their own learning outcomes, all within the software. Instructors can also set tutorial messages to accompany learning material.

The Benefits of Conducting Operator Training with a Simulator

There are many several benefits to using an operator training simulator compared to more traditional workplace instruction methods like physical study material, seminars, and coaching. While these instructional methods hold their own merits, we consider the advantages of using simulators like SimuPACT as instructional tools.

There are four main ways in which a person can acquire information. These include visual learning, auditory learning, reading and writing, and kinesthetic or hands-on learning. These four methods of learning (or any combination thereof) are all represented in the SimuPACT operator training simulatorin some form, which makes it a more robust instructional tool than other similar learning tools.

Visual learning entails learning by observing. It requires watching the learning material in action, rather than simply reading about it. Our operator instruction simulator offers a strong visual component to help trainees visualise the physical aspects of their instruction to ensure that they retain information more easily. Information is relayed in the form of scenarios that play out in virtual environments, giving prospective operators an idea of what they can expect in similar real-life scenarios, which in turn can satisfy the needs of those trainees who prefer hands-on or kinesthetic learning. Even if they are not visual learners, they will still benefit from being able to experience how scenarios play out in action in a safe environment before progressing to the worksite. The visual material is often accompanied by clear and concise audio. All learning material is also accompanied by instructor notes and relevant information.

SimuPACT makes trainingaccessible, more enjoyable and effective for both trainees and their companies. Since it combines various learning methods in one comprehensive tool, it can be used to train various types of learners. You can read more, book a demo or contact SimGenics about the SimuPACT operator instruction simulator here.

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