The Use of a Mining Training Simulator Offers Numerous Benefits for the Industry

mining training simulator

The industry has evolved vastly since the days of picks, shovels and sticks of dynamite. In place of these, today’s miners have sophisticated machinery for drilling, transporting and processing coal and metal ores. In experienced hands, these facilities are invaluable. However, it takes time to develop such skills, and the more thorough the initial training, the less time it will take for a trainee to become competent and productive. The use of computerised simulations is proving to be far more effective than the traditional approach of “just watch me and do exactly what I do”.

A Mining Training Simulator Will Improve Worker Safety

More significantly, workers can learn to deal with emergencies such as fire, flooding, brake failures and burst tyres, gaining competence and confidence in a safe virtual environment. Any errors made in a simulated situation can have no real-world consequences, but the virtual effects will provide a lasting learning experience!

Productivity and Efficiency can be Improved With a Mining Training Simulator

The industry has been under severe pressure in recent years. Fluctuations in demand for metals and their market price have been further complicated by the growing cost of extracting and processing them. As reserves dwindle, mines must process more ore to maintain profitable levels of metal production. Consequently, many are only marginally profitable, while others have had to cease operations.

Cost Savings are Another Valuable Benefit of a Mining Training Simulator

In the current economic climate, every Rand counts. The cost of operating a mine continues to escalate, eroding profits and endangering jobs and South Africa’s hard currency reserves. Inevitably, conventional on-the-job training methods result in additional wear and tear on vehicles and equipment, adding to routine maintenance and repair costs. Operating vehicles and machinery solely for training purposes also increases fuel consumption. A simulator offers a means to train operators quickly, thoroughly and cheaply. A one-off purchase of a suitable bespoke simulation could satisfy all of a mine’s training requirements for many years without further investment.

The Transition to a Mining Training Simulator

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