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Using a Mining Training Simulator to Move the Industry Forward

It is often said that the mining activities of today enable the achievements of tomorrow. Considering the major impact of this industry on every aspect of our lives, this statement is very accurate. From building houses and cars, to the construction of hospitals and infrastructure, to the manufacturing of smartphones and computers – almost every single aspect of our lives is dependent on mined materials. Then, of course, there is the economic impact. Miningis a major driver of the South African economy, both in terms of manufacturing and global earning potential. As such an essential industry, skills are highly sought after, and the use of training simulator solutions enables better and faster development of these skills.

Benefits of using a mining training simulator

  • Improved safety – for trainees and the site overall

Asimulator provides a safe, controlled environment that mimics the actual working conditions and controls while eliminating the risks of a live environment. This allows a trainee to gain exposure to working conditions without the need for restrictive supervision. Simultaneously, this real-time training also serves to improve operator skills to ensure improved safety across all mining operations.

  • Less downtime

The better skilled a team is when they enter the work environment, the less need there would be for downtime due to challenges, accidents and slow response time. Simulators allow for accurate and realistic skills development without interruption of regular activities.

  • Faster skills development

Staff turnover is a challenge within any industry. This challenge becomes more pronounced when the necessary skills are highly specialised, and can lead to serious and costly disruptions in operations. Simulators allow for faster and more accurate skills development compared to traditional theoretical trainingonly.

  • Suitable for new and established team members

Mining simulator training is highly versatile and can be used for a myriad of skills development needs. These include the development of new talent, on-boarding of new employees, the promotion of existing team members, as well as the introduction of new equipment and/or procedures.

  • Increased productivity

The combination of minimal downtime, improved skills, enhanced ability to identify and react faster and more accurately to challenges, and speedier replacement of team members in the event of individuals leaving the team creates a perfect environment for optimal productivity within an operation. Mining simulator training facilitates all of these benefits to increase overall productivity.

  • Highly customisable

Simulators are highly customisable, which means they can be adapted to suit a variety of operating models and be tailored to the needs of a specific site. Additionally, training can be kept up to date to reflect the latest developments in technology. This ensures that the skills developed are always relevant and practical.

Where to find relevant and suitable mining simulator training solutions

SimGenics is a global leader in simulator training solutions for a variety of specialised industries, including the miningindustry. We do this by using our modern, proven, object-oriented simulator platform, SimuPACT, to create full-scope, engendering fidelity simulators for analysis, control system checkout and operator training.

SimuPACT is an extremely powerful, integrated software platform which enables engineers to develop high fidelity, full-scope power and process plant simulators quicker than ever before. It sports a modern, intuitive and graphic user interface, which makes it exciting to develop, analyse and train on. What’s more, it can be seamlessly integrated with 3D PACT to enable comprehensive skills development within the miningindustry.

3D PACT is an award-winning software suite that provides users with a host of tools and features, including:

  • User-Friendly Procedure and Scenario Builder, with configurable Tutorial & Test Execution Modes
  • Particle Effect Builder
  • 3D Object Builder
  • Crane Builder
  • Character System
  • Dynamic Physics
  • Animations

These features all seamlessly combine to present the trainee with a realistic, lifelike scenario to execute, enabling them to apply the knowledge they have acquired in a safe and controlled environment.

Empower your team

In our effort to become the most trusted and respected worldwide provider of engineering and training simulators in the power, process, mining and marine industries, SimGenics constantly strive to deliver the most innovative and effective simulator solutions. Our products are all designed to equip operational, maintenance and engineering staff at industrial facilities with unrivalled knowledge and skills to measurably increase efficiency and profitability in an environmentally responsible way. Contact the SimGenics team to find out how we can help your operation improve its efficacy.

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