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Who to Approach for Leading Power Plant Maintenance Training

In recent years, we have seen unprecedented deregulation of the energy sector in many various ways across different territories. While the merits and the impacts of this can be debated at length, there are some consequences of these changes that cannot be denied. One of these is the fact that many plants today run with deeply reduced staff levels. This limited access to skills has put a bright spotlight on fast and effective power plant maintenance training.

Quality training, specifically, is of the utmost importance, since power plant maintenance requires very specialised skills and there is very little room for error, if any. We are a leading provider of powerful, detailed simulations that deliver on this need for reliable, cost-effective, high-quality power plant maintenance training solutions perfectly.

As an advanced power plant simulator development company that specialises in engineering, training, and DCS check-out simulators, we have developed over 75 full and partial scope simulators. To complement these, we have also developed the manuals and instructional services needed to provide the highest quality, most comprehensive maintenance training available to power plant personnel today.

Our advanced training technology allows power plants to quickly and cost-effectively equip any level of plant operator with skills and experience essential to safely and efficiently operate and manage maintenance processes at modern plants.

We specifically refer to SimuPACT, our extremely powerful, integrated software platform that enables engineers to develop high-fidelity, full-scope power plant simulators quicker than ever before.

The power of SimuPACT lies in the seamless way it combines the latest software technologies with leading engineering strategies. In doing so, it enables quicker development of full-scope simulators, while also delivering higher accuracy, which allows engineering analysis and operator training on the same simulation platform, at no extra cost.

Because these simulations are so accurate and customisable, they offer a valuable power plant maintenance training solution for a wide range of industry applications, including:

  • Natural gas (including open cycle, combined cycle, and drum boiler plants)
  • Coal fired (including drum boiler, sub-critical, once-through boiler, and super critical, once-through plants)
  • Nuclear (including high-temperature gas reactors and pressurised water reactors)

Our advanced and innovative operator training simulators extend beyond basic power plant maintenance. Their flexible and detailed nature make them ideal for onboarding new employees, as well as upskilling and nurturing current team members. These simulators cover the full working environment and will help operators to:

  • Understand plant processes
  • Correctly identify plant status and operate plants between different states and operating points
  • Use all available monitoring and information systems to their full extent
  • Exercise infrequent operations related to rapid load changes and equipment limitations
  • Exercise subtle failure conditions that do not necessarily raise specific alarms, but nevertheless require action, before severe accidents or trip situations can develop
  • Stabilise and recover plants after equipment malfunctions

It is our vision to become the most trusted and respected worldwide provider of engineering and training simulators in the power industry. We are well on our way to achieving this by creating and building training software product brands that facilitate technical education in new and revolutionary ways, using the latest hardware and software technologies in non-obvious ways.

As testimony to our industry impact, we count some of the major market leaders among our clients, for whom we have trained hundreds of power plant operations and maintenance personnel in the last 20 years. These clients include, but are not limited to:

  • Eskom
  • MidAmerican Energy
  • Entergy
  • Intergraph
  • Alghanim International
  • Siemens

To maintain and improve this industry edge, we continuously strive for each of our products to become the best known and most respected in its area of application through having superior production values, educational value, accuracy and speed, and by being more innovative and cost effective than competing products.

This also means that our products must, at all times, equip operational, maintenance, and engineering staff at industrial facilities with unrivalled knowledge and skills to measurably increase efficiency and profitability in an environmentally responsible way.

To find out more about our innovative and high-performance power plant maintenance training solutions, plus all the ways it could benefit your operation, get in touch with the team at SimGenics. We are looking forward to partnering with you to build on the future of this industry.

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