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Why Use SimuPACT for Power Plant Simulation Training

When it comes to training power plant operators, the use of simulators has become very popular due to the wide range of benefits they offer. Typically, simulation courses offer realistic scenario-based education opportunities without exposing operators, teachers, or facilities to the risks associated with in-progress tuition in such a volatile environment.

However, to create a suitable and effective preparatory course, the software used for power plant simulation training needs to be powerful, intricate, and exceptionally accurate. It also needs to be up to date at all times to reflect the latest technology used, and provide the necessary opportunities for education, skills development, and assessment.

This is a tall order – and one that SimGenics is glad to rise to as a leading developer of full-scope training simulators in the global energy generation industry. We achieve this through our extremely powerful, integrated software platform SimuPACT, which we use to create effective power plant simulation environments.

SimuPACT by SimGenics is a modern, proven, object-oriented simulator platform that is used to create full-scope, high-fidelity simulators for analysis, control system checkout, and operator training. This trusted and widely used power plant simulation platform uses a variety of modelling tools and DCS emulations to make it relevant and applicable to a wide range of teams and plants across the globe.

One of the greatest advantages of SimuPACT is that it allows engineers to develop high-fidelity, full-scope power plant simulators quicker than ever before, which, in turn, ensures that simulation training becomes more cost-effective and more up to date than ever before. In addition, it is easier than ever to create bespoke solutions that meet the unique requirements of specific sites, as well as students.

SimuPACT sports a totally open, customisable architecture. Engineers are able to develop and integrate their own solvers, libraries, and schedulers or even control all simulator functionality from an external application using any Microsoft .NET capable programming language.

To support power plant simulation training, SimuPact includes the following high-fidelity, configurable solvers and libraries by default:

  • Seamless Integration with 3D PACT (input and output)
  • Electrical networks
  • Sensors and actuators
  • Multi-phase flow with non-condensable gases and trace elements
  • Logic and control networks (basic and advanced)
  • OPC Client (Integration to 3rd Party Control and HMI Systems)
  • Mechanical Solver (shafts, gearboxes, bearings, etc.)
  • Materials handling (including slurry flow)
  • Fossil power (drum, benson, super-critical, fluidised bed boilers, various types of coal mills, oil/gas/coal burners, etc.)
  • Nuclear power (3D Diffusion model)
  • Chemical reaction builder (empirical)
  • HMI and local control panel emulation
  • Integrated C# scripting engine
  • Integration library with Aspen Materials Database
  • Full instructor station capability
  • Multi-core, Multi-PC deployment (Allows for various operator and instructor station PCs to be connected to the process simulation server PC over a network)
  • Production support software

The development of a powerful and impactful software platform for power plant simulation training needs that delivers meaningful benefits – such as being customisable, speeding up the process of upskilling, exceptional accuracy, and student and operator safety – is just one of the ways SimGenics has contributed to the training hundreds of power plant operations and maintenance personnel in the last 20 years.

Our range of power plant simulation training solutions are relevant to a number of industry applications, including:

  • Natural gas
  • Open cycle plants
  • Combined cycle plants
  • Drum boiler plants
  • Coal fired
  • Drum boiler plants
  • Sub-critical, once-through boiler plants
  • Super critical, once-through boiler plants
  • Nuclear plants
  • High-temperature gas reactors
  • Pressurised water reactor (proof of concept)

In our effort to provide the highest quality, most comprehensive training available to power plant personnel today, we have developed over 75 full and partial scope simulators, but our input is not limited to the creation of reliable simulation environments only. We go the extra step by also developing the manuals and instructional services to support and empower both instructors and trainees to extract the maximum value out of these simulators.

Furthermore, we approach the development of each of our instructional products in a way that ensures that these products will equip operational, maintenance, and engineering staff at industrial facilities with unrivalled knowledge and skills to measurably increase efficiency and profitability in an environmentally responsible way.

For next-generation power plant simulation training support, get in touch with the team at SimGenics and let us tell you more about how you can achieve the outstanding results you require from your team through the use of our full-scope, high-fidelity engineering and training simulators on our state-of the art SimuPACT platform.

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