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Why Use the SimGenics Power Station Simulator for Training?

When it comes to the training of plant operators, there is very little leeway in terms of quality and efficiency. The role of a plant operator is extremely important, as there is a lot that depends on their performance and accuracy. They carry tremendous responsibility – in terms of the safety of their team, the financial implications of plant failure, as well as the continued operation of the community that depends on the energy generated at the specific plant they work at. To ensure that plant operators are equipped to deal with this pressure and the expectations of their job, SimGenics has developed an innovative and user-friendly power station simulator training solution.

Why SimGenics?

SimGenics is an advanced plant simulator development company that was created with the vision of becoming the most trusted and respected worldwide provider of engineering and training simulators across a variety of industries and applications, including the power, process, mining and marine sectors.

Dynamic simulator training solutions based on innovation

We are pursuing and realising our vision by creating and building training software products that facilitate the necessary and relevant technical education in new and revolutionary ways. We do this by using the latest hardware and software technologies in non-obvious ways. More than that, we also go the extra step and develop the manuals and instructional services, and provide instructors to deliver the highest quality, most comprehensive training available to power station personnel today.

The powerful SimGenics power station simulator solutions are created using an advanced simulation software suite called SimuPACT. This integrated software platform makes it possible for engineers to develop high-fidelity, full-scope power station and process plant simulators quicker than ever before. It sports a modern, intuitive graphical user-interface which makes it exciting to develop, analyse and train on.

Not only does SimuPACT enable the speedier development of a full-scope power station simulator to save you valuable time and effort, it also delivers higher accuracy, which allows engineering analysis and operator training on the same simulation platform, at no extra cost.

The software suite additionally allows for great adaptability and versatility to ensure that the simulator created is relevant and applicable to the specific power station for which the training is required. As such, it can be used for a variety of industry applications, including:

  • Natural Gas
    • Open Cycle Plants
    • Combined Cycle Plants
    • Drum Boiler Plants
  • Coal Fired
    • Drum Boiler Plants
    • Sub-Critical, Once-through Boiler Plants
    • Super Critical, Once-through Boiler Plants
  • Nuclear
    • High Temperature Gas Reactors
    • Pressurised Water Reactors (Proof of concept)

Trusted by major players in the international energy generation sector

As a leading provider of power station simulator training solutions, SimGenics is the trusted partner for critical skills development for a large array of energy companies and plants globally, including:

  • Eskom
  • NRG
  • Westar Energy
  • Black Hills Power Corp.
  • Portland General Electric
  • Pacificorp
  • MidAmerican Energy
  • Canadian National Resources Limited (CNRL)
  • California Public Utilities Commission
  • Entergy

The four ways the SimGenics power station simulator can help boost the productivity of your plant are:

1. Vacancies can be filled faster

The focused and comprehensive training that is provided by simulating an accurate and realistic plant environment, allows for operator vacancies to be filled more quickly. This reduces both the disruption and costs that are often associated with staff turnover.

2. Speeds up response time

A power station simulator makes it possible to mimic abnormal plant conditions in a realistic, real-time virtual environment while eliminating the associated risks. This allows your team to be prepared, it enhances the response time of your team, and it improves overall operational flexibility.

3. Less downtime

A major objective of any plant is to avoid unnecessary downtime as far as possible, at almost any cost. Simulation-based operator trainingdoes not require any disruption of ongoing operations, and eliminates the risk of human error in a live environment during training.

4. Faster adoption of new procedures and technologies

Simulation-driven training is not only meant for onboarding new talent or developing employees to take on new roles. It also provides the fastest way to get your current team upskilled when new procedures or equipment is introduced. They can get real-time experience in order to hit the ground running when the switch is introduced.

SimGenics has contributed to thetraining hundreds of plantoperations and maintenance personnel in the last 20 years. Contact us to find out how you can benefit from our innovative power station simulator training solutions.

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