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World-Class Power Station Simulator Training

The world, as we know it, relies on our ability to produce energy for consumption. From our everyday activities, to production, transport, food supply and medical care – every single aspect of our survival is reliant on sustained energy production. As demand grew over time, so did the technology at our disposal to create larger, more secure means of energy production. This also led to an increase in the demand for specialised skills to maintain these energy production sources. A lack of appropriate skills can pose grave risks for not only the power station in question, but also for communities at large. Simulator training, therefore, plays an essential role in ensuring the safe and continuous running of the plants that literally power our day-to-day lives.

The importance of simulator training for power station personnel

While essential, classroom training and textbook knowledge can only get you so far. Simulators provide the bridge to complete comprehensive training and test the practical skills and accuracy of plant operators and personnel.

Benefits of using a simulation include:

  • Enhanced safety

A power station simulator replicates the details of the actual workplace to provide a virtual, real-time, realistic environment without any of the associated risks. Operators can safely apply the knowledge they have obtained, without the concerns related to placing a trainee in a live environment.

  • Improved speed and efficiency

The accuracy and detail of this comprehensive training allows for the faster replacement of operators as and when necessary, plus quicker upskilling of existing team members to lessen the impact of staff turnovers, or when new equipment or procedures are introduced.

  • No downtime required

Downtime should be avoided at any cost. Simulators do not require any disruption of regular activity during training and assessment. Additionally, it also provides faster training as mentioned in the previous point to counteract any potential skill disruptions in the team.

  • The ability to mimic abnormal conditions

While abnormal situations should be avoided at all costs, simulations provide a risk-free opportunity to test operator knowledge and response related to such events. This allows for training that exceeds the limits of theoretical knowledge and can be used to enhance a team’s response time.

  • Suited for various skill levels

Power station simulator training can be used for training new operators, on-boarding new team members, or upskilling existing employees.

SimGenics is an advanced power station simulator development company that specialises in engineering, training and DCS check-out simulators. We provide advanced training technology to quickly and cost effectively equip any level of plant operator with skills and experience essential to safely and efficiently operate modern plants.

Power station simulator training for a variety of applications

Today, our society relies on a variety of resources and methods to generate energy for consumption. To meet the demand for specialised skills across the energy industry, SimGenics offers simulator training solutions for a wide range of power station applications, including:

  • Natural Gas
    • Open Cycle Plants
    • Combined Cycle Plants
    • Drum Boiler Plants
  • Coal Fired
    • Drum Boiler Plants
    • Sub-Critical, Once-through Boiler Plants
    • Super-Critical, Once-through Boiler Plants
  • Nuclear
    • High Temperature Gas Reactor
    • Pressurised Water Reactor (Proof of concept)

At SimGenics, we are responsible for training hundreds of power station operations and maintenance personnel over the last two decades. To ensure consistent results, we have put together a world-class training organisation that effectively uses classroom, universal and plant-specific simulator solutions to extensively teach the necessary skills related to the following subjects:

  • Plant fundamentals
  • Plant trip, safe shutdown, and recovery procedures
  • Plant efficiency
  • Plant electrical systems, including relaying and control
  • Plant instrumentation and control systems
  • Loss of station service (black-plant) fundamentals (includes engineering studies and procedures)
  • Control room operational fundamentals
  • Combustion and combustion chemistry for low NOx burners
  • Combustion and fuel firing systems and components
  • All major types of suspension-fired and fluidised bed boilers
  • All major types of turbines
  • All major types of generator and excitation systems

SimGenics also provides Combined Cycle Plant versions of the above training.

To ensure the absolute best results, the team at SimGenics goes the extra mile to provide the highest quality, most comprehensive training available to power station personnel today. To find out more about our extensive range of innovative simulator training solutions and how your team can benefit from these, get in touch with SimGenics today.

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