Quality 3D Field Simulators Include Multiple Features and Tools

Based on computer gaming technology, 3D Field simulators offer users a broad range of tools and features to develop life-like, interactive visual scenarios. Gaming platforms like Xbox, Playstation, Game Boy, Nintendo. and Wii have transformed home entertainment. Their stunning three-dimensional imagery transports players to fascinating new worlds where their avatars are free to engage in exciting and dangerous activities they would never dare to attempt in the real world.

However, computerised simulations have also made their mark in areas other than gaming. Many industries are now leveraging gaming technology for training purposes. Instead of scenarios like F1 racing circuits, distant planets and battlefields, they are employing 3D field simulators to reproduce their working environments and create interactive job-based tasks and tests for learners to complete.

Of course, training simulations are not a new concept; they have been used to train airline pilots for decades. However, the technology has since been adapted for various fields ranging from customer service, weapons training and manufacturing to practice facilities for nurses and doctors and training in marine navigation, mineral exploitation, power generation and many more.

Three-dimensional simulations provide a fast, compelling, fully immersive, cost-effective and safe means to conduct practical training and improve learner retention. However, they can only be as effective as the software one employs to develop them.

An Acknowledged Leader Among 3D Field Simulators

3D PACT is an award-winning software suite with a wide selection of advanced features and tools to provide its users with almost unlimited opportunities. The user-friendly package includes an easily configured tutorial and testing facility, a procedure and scenario builder, a crane builder, and the means to create animations, to name just a few. Its extensive features provide exceptional versatility, one of the primary reasons for the widespread popularity of the feature-rich 3D PACT suite.

The following are just a few areas in which the training applications for three-dimensional simulations created with this exceptional software package are proving invaluable to trainers and trainees in the generating industry.

  • Orientation: The layout of a typical power plant is complex and can be confusing and potentially dangerous to anyone entering this hazardous environment for the first time. 3D field simulators are a means to generate a safe, virtual walk-through tour for the newcomer in which each component of the plant is named and the details of its function are described. The option can be invaluable as a replacement for the walking induction tour usually given to new operators. Moreover, as with any simulation, the freedom to repeat it as often as required helps reinforce the learning experience and ensure its retention.
  • Commissioning and operations: The 3D PACT software can be used to create models of the controls required for each of a power plant’s various functions. Users can interact with those controls and receive instant audiovisual feedback on the results of their actions. Simulations enable operators to become confident and competent with startup, shutdown and other routine activities.
  • Safety Measures and Handling Emergencies: While most plant operations can be learned through on-the-job training, the process requires far longer and is less effective than when using a simulator. However, permitting untrained personnel to intervene in emergencies is impractical and potentially dangerous. By contrast, simulating emergencies allows them to practice handling them while knowing their mistakes will have no real-world consequences and to repeat an exercise until their actions become reflexive.
  • Training in Equipment Operation: A simulation allows learners to view and navigate the usually hidden interior structures of equipment like boilers, generators and turbines, providing a better understanding of their operation. The option permits a trainee to gain greater insight while minimising the chance of mishandling that might lead to damage or injury.
  • Planning and Carrying Out Plant Maintenance: Regular inspections and maintenance are vital for safety and productivity in power plants and require careful planning and proficiency from staff tasked with these responsibilities. 3D field simulators are the ideal means to familiarise new operators with critical inspection points, demonstrate and test their use of the appropriate maintenance procedures, and provide detailed visual instruction in using the correct tools and relevant personal protection equipment.

SimGenics for 3D Field Simulators:

In addition to offering generic or bespoke, partial and full-scope simulations, we can supply trainers with our award-winning 3D PACT suite. Contact us today if you want to learn more about how you could train your plant operators faster, more safely, more thoroughly and more cost-effectively.

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