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The way we do things is constantly changing. Laws change, safety practices are modernised, and protocols are updated to adapt companies and workplaces to the needs of the 21st-century employee. One of the ways in which the workplace is changing is through the use of simulation software. While the use of computer programs to dispense training and improve operational functionality has been in effect for a long time (essentially as long as computers have been used in the workplace), the specific use of simulation software (like a nuclear plant simulator) is a relatively recent phenomenon.

Part of the recent surge in the use of simulators, like the 3D Pact nuclear plant simulator, can be attributed to continuous improvements in computers and electronics. Even the most basic modern computer or laptop can run software that would have been nearly impossible to run only a few decades ago, or at the very least was too expensive for common usage. Since computer components keep getting smaller and more affordable, computers keep getting more advanced and capable runoff running high-level software like nuclear plant simulator software. The article below introduced the 3D Pact nuclear plant simulator, including its features and how those features can be leveraged in a modern work environment.

What You Can Expect From 3D Pact’s Nuclear Plant Simulator

3D Pact is not simply a nuclear plant simulator, but a whole suite of products to cater to a vast range of requirements. While it simulates and visualises various scenarios, it can also be used for the purposes of training, operational functioning, planning, and maintenance scheduling (amongst others, which can be seen below).

The main features of this software include:

  • System identification
  • Operations and commissioning
  • Equipment operations training
  • Lock-out / tag-out procedures
  • Maintenance training and planning
  • Inspection training and planning
  • Emergency response and safety training and planning
  • Schedule tracking and simulation
  • Scenario builder

It also offers advanced tools to simulate different scenarios:

  • Process Simulation
  • Particle Effect Builder
  • Dynamic Physics
  • Character System
  • Audio
  • 3D Object Builder
  • Crane Builder

What You Can Do with the 3D Pact Nuclear Plant Simulator

Having access to this software offers a robust set of benefits that make it well worth the investment and initial training. While the software was designed to be user-friendly, it is still advantageous to learn every aspect of it and to familiarise yourself with its many features. Once you possess an in-depth knowledge of all the features available, you can harness those features to assist you in real-world scenarios, including:

  • System identification (including component inspection and system integration)
  • Schedule tracking (checking project progress and keeping track of schedules)
  • Emergency response (preparing for and reacting to a variety of possible emergency scenarios)
  • Dynamic crane logistics and operations (visualise, plan, and optimise crane usage)
  • Commissioning, inspections, and condition monitoring (monitor systems and perform operational sequences)
  • HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Analysis) and HSE (Health, Safety, Environment)
  • Maintenance (planning, scheduling, and reviewing)
  • Operational management (monitoring of employee activity and lock-in and tag-out)

You will experience significant differences in making use of this advanced interactive software versus studying it using a physical manual with limited potential for immersion in the scenario.

Using this kind of software does not only increase operator efficiency but reduces certain risks related to inadequate training or poor workplace understanding. Mistakes are costly, so it is important to ensure that all staff and crew are familiar with every aspect of a project, as well as the software that is used to streamline its functioning. A nuclear plant simulator has the potential to maximise operator efficiency and minimise risks related to inexperience or human error. This software offers a more realistic depiction of possible real-world circumstances that nuclear plant operators can face and gives them the opportunity to study the protocols and procedures that need to be adhered to in each scenario.

As an advanced plant simulator development company, SimGenics has vast experience in offering simulator solutions to the engineering and training industries. We realise the importance of facilitating thorough personnel power plant training and offer simulators to enhance the learning effort. In addition, we develop manuals and instructional services to ensure a comprehensive training experience. Book a demo of our nuclear plant simulator software by clicking here and on “Book A Demo”. Alternatively, contact us if you are interested in learning more.

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