Power Plant Safety and the Role of Training Simulations

The dangers to power plant operators are numerous and require stringent safety measures. Simulated training systems are known to improve power plant safety. Although accidents in nuclear power plants have captured the headlines and become the subject of television documentaries, loss of life due to these events has been minimal. In practice, the workers in …

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Training Simulators

A Brief History of Training Simulators and Their Roles Today

The origin of training simulators is ancient. Devices for gladiator practice and manikins to train early midwives have led to more sophisticated modern uses. Although computer simulations are now employed in many industries for training and other purposes, few are better known than those used to train pilots and for home entertainment. The core component …

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Training Simulator

Mining Training Simulator

How a Mining Training Simulator Can Make a Mine More Productive A mining training simulator can ensure personnel work safely and boost production in the mining industry. There are few more hazardous environments than the deep underground tunnels of a mine. For example, water constantly filters in from the surrounding aquifers and requires the continuous …

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Nuclear Power Plant Operators

Nuclear Power Plant Operators

Ensuring Nuclear Power Plant Operators Perform Safely and Efficiently Without viable alternatives, atomic fission remains the most sustainable energy source, but nuclear power plant operators must ensure safety and efficiency. There are still many people whose immediate reactions to any proposal to build new atomic power stations range from disbelief to complete shock and horror. …

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power plant safety training

Power Plant Operator Training

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Power Plant Operator Training? While the theoretical aspects can be taught effectively in a classroom, an alternative approach is necessary for practical power plant operator training. Until comparatively recently, the only available means to familiarise trainees with handling the physical controls of a generating plant was to watch how …

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3D Field Simulators

3D Field Simulators

Quality 3D Field Simulators Include Multiple Features and Tools Based on computer gaming technology, 3D Field simulators offer users a broad range of tools and features to develop life-like, interactive visual scenarios. Gaming platforms like Xbox, Playstation, Game Boy, Nintendo. and Wii have transformed home entertainment. Their stunning three-dimensional imagery transports players to fascinating new …

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Full-scope Simulators

Full-scope Simulators

Streamlining Practical Training With Full-Scope Simulators Conventional practical training for new employees is often time-consuming and less effective than one might hope. Full-scope simulators offer a better option. Proven competence and years of experience may be invaluable qualities but do not guarantee an individual’s abilities as a trainer. However, even the best trainers can’t compete …

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SimGenics: A Company Dedicated to the Future of Industrial Training Like all reputable companies, SimGenics has a vision. We aspire to gain the world’s trust and respect as a leading designer of industrial training simulators. However, a vision is merely words unless backed by appropriate actions. Accordingly, we endeavour to make action the cornerstone of …

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Power Station Simulator

Power Station Simulator

Using  a Power Station Simulator to Identify Problems and Test Solutions Generating electricity is a hazardous activity in which issues can arise without warning. Developing solutions is safest with a power station simulator. A quotation by the Irish playwright and poet Oscar Wilde declares that “To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.” In …

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