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Nuclear Power Simulator

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This article explores how a nuclear power simulator from SimGenics can provide safer, faster and more effective practical training for plant operators. With the backing of this well-proven technology, an operator with no previous experience can master all the tasks involved in controlling a nuclear reactor and the allied infrastructure in a fraction of the time required when relying on conventional, on-the-job instruction.

The technology was in use long before scientists and engineers developed the means to initiate and sustain a controlled nuclear fission reaction. Its role as a powerful learning tool has since been well-established, not only in the electricity-generating industry but in numerous other fields, ranging from practical driving and flying instruction to mining, offshore oil drilling and simulated dental and surgical practice.

Simulations can also effectively teach the theoretical aspects of nuclear fission, providing life-like animations and dialogue of the process and its control and the freedom to study at one’s own pace and repeat any section not immediately understood. The latter options are impractical for group instruction in a classroom equipped with conventional audio-visual aids. There are also several other valid reasons to favour this form of training.

Applications for Training Systems Similar to a Nuclear Power Simulator

Conventional power plants appear destined to continue outnumbering nuclear facilities for the foreseeable future. The situation is mainly due to their considerably higher construction costs and longer completion times. In the meantime, the need to provide equally safe and effective training for operators of combined-cycle power plants is likely to escalate.

Providing instruction in the theoretical aspects of energy production remains essential for novice operators but can be conducted for large groups in a classroom with a few visual aids. However, practical on-the-job training is best performed on a one-on-one basis to ensure the personal attention and oversight necessary for efficiency and safety. That said, satisfying these requirements will significantly increase the time needed to instruct a large group. Furthermore, this approach demands the attention of experienced supervisors who must leave other tasks to perform the teaching role. Also, allowing inexperienced operators to handle a plant’s equipment can result in additional wear and tear and the prospect of expensive repairs or replacements and unscheduled downtime.

By contrast, networking the simulation software offers a means to provide practical exercises for any sized group. The setup means learners can be overseen remotely and receive help when needed without threat to equipment, personnel or productivity. SimGenics offers trainers a suite of generic simulations covering the most common conventional power plant tasks, including boiler control, mill and burner operation, the basics of the Rankine thermodynamic cycle and more. We can also develop partial and full-scope simulations based on 3D scans of a client’s actual workplace or provide the software to create them in-house, either in collaboration or independently.

Applications in the Mining Industry

Computerised learning programmes similar to the nuclear power simulator have applications in several other heavy industries, of which mining is just one example. There are few environments more dangerous than an underground mine. It is full of hazards that could cause an inexperienced worker to suffer a serious injury and threaten others. When walking new recruits through a simulation of the layout, they will be better prepared and more confident when it’s time for their underground debut.

Mining operations involve the use of heavy equipment and explosives, each a common source of injuries and fatalities. It is far safer for everyone if new workers are given time to practice performing their tasks in the safety and comfort of a classroom rather than kilometres beneath the surface in a gold mine.

Even surface workers can benefit. A heavy goods vehicle license cannot prepare novices for their first encounter with a dump truck with wheels that tower above their heads and additional, unfamiliar controls. However, a few hours of practice on a simulator will leave them confident and better prepared when they finally get behind the wheel.

Purchasing Nuclear Power Simulators and Learning Programmes for Other Industries

SimGenics is a leading developer of training simulations for the power, mining, petrochemical, marine and desalination industries. We can supply generic simulations off the shelf or consult with you to design bespoke products based on your specific requirements. Alternatively, we can provide user-friendly software packages that require no coding and will enable you to create your own. Why not contact us to learn how a simulator could streamline your staff training?

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